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In today's modern society, lifestyle has become more hectic. Everybody wants to feel and look their best all the time and sometimes it can take a lot to switch off, relax and unwind.

Which is why we have The Derma Sanctuary. A haven away from every day life that lets you get exactly what you need - all with a touch of luxury. We pride ourselves on a bespoke and personalised experience because we know there is no 'one size fits all'.

We believe that everyone is different and our holistic approach to health & well-being ensures that every treatment we provide is tailored to you. Our highly-accredited and certified beauty therapists take their time to find out exactly what you want, and combined with all of the best internationally-renowned beauty & spa treatments under one roof,  we are sure that you will leave The Derma Sanctuary with a revitalised body & mind and sense of mindfulness.

Come and see what we are all about, so you can look & feel your best ever... With our modern etiquette of luxury and lifestyle.